long live peanuts

This small kernel packs a big punch; they’re naturally good for the soil, environmentally-friendly and a mighty powerhouse of nutrients. 

For our bars, we use runner peanuts. They have a delicious nutty flavour, crunchy texture and taste amazing when roasted. All our nuts are air-roasted, meaning we never use palm oil to create our crunchy texture. 

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brilliant for your body

Peanuts are powerhouses of nutrition. On top of good fats and fibre, they provide important micro-nutrients including potassium, folate, vitamin E, thiamin, arginine and magnesium. One serving (28g) provides almost eight grams of protein – more than any other nut.

In even better news, studies show that eating peanuts regularly benefits heart health – in fact, a small, daily serving could slash the risk of heart disease in half. Pow.

You can read the full study from the New England Journal of Medicine here.

amazing for the earth

Peanuts are a legume and like all legumes, they fix valuable nitrogen into the soil. This makes the soil more fertile and recycles its nutrients as well as lowering soil pH levels.

They’re also a low water crop, thriving in dry soil. This means that peanut farming uses up to 16 times less water than other nut crops. A real win for the earth. 

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